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pregnancy & neonatal

infancy & toddlerhood

young childhood

middle childhood



At ILCHR, our mission is to work upstream in the prevention cycle so that individuals, families and communities can minimise or overcome the harmful effects of adversity. Through a life course perspective, we aim to work more strategically to build resilience at crucial “tipping points” in a person’s life, to prevent patterns of disadvantage from affecting multiple generations.

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Pregnancy & Infancy

US - Mphatlalasane - Lesotho 2015 - Inte






Sinamatella - Eyethu League Launch - 201


Sinamatella - Eyethu League Launch - 201


longitudinal research

The ILCHR team has successfully followed up birth cohorts into middle childhood and late adolescence. 

The Thula Sana birth cohort was assessed at 12-14 years of age (the Saving Brains Study) and again during late adolescence (16-19 years of age), as part of the Zifune study.

The Philani birth cohort was assessed at multiple time-points before age two, including at 3, 5 and 8 years of age.

Participants (4-13yrs) of the Child Community Care study in Malawi, Zambia and South Africa will be followed up in late adolescence in 2020. 


adolescent mental health

Globally, many adolescents live in unstable environments, where poverty or violence is common, placing them at heightened risk of developing mental disorders.

Despite adolescents' increased risk for poor mental health outcomes, guidance on evidence-based actions for promotion and prevention in adolescent mental health is lacking. Through a variety of projects, we work to generate evidence on adolescent mental health and identify effective interventions. 

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nurturing care

 Through our research and intervention activities, we are interested to know how best caregivers can be supported to provide children with nurturing care – a type of care that extends beyond basic health and safety to include responsive and sensitive interactions, and opportunities for learning.

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