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Sinamatella - Eyethu League Launch - 201

Eyethu Soccer League

Eyethu was a randomised control trial of a community-based soccer league intervention involving 1350 participants, providing the delivery platform for life skills training, designed to address alcohol/drug use, HIV testing, and other risk behaviours through problem-solving, role play and goal setting.

The multi-year project was completed in 2020, however, additional focus groups and interviews with coaches (facilitators) as well as participants and their families, have been conducted since. Outcome data is currently under review and will be published soon.



South Africa

South African men

(18-29 years)

UNICEF Parenting Project Brief Photo.jpg

UNICEF Guidance on Parenting of Adolescents

This project has provided assistance with developing a guidance document to support the strengthening of evidence-based adolescent parenting programs. The document describes the evidence base for programmes to support parents of adolescents and outlines key principles and content areas for programmes.

A draft of the document has been completed and a final version is under development.



Sexual & Reproductive Health Disability

Sexual and Reproductive Health care for women with disabilities

A qualitative study exploring how acquiring a physical disability affects women’s sense of their own sexuality and understanding how women’s access to sexual and reproductive health services is affected by acquiring a physical disability.

Data were collected over two or more sessions, the first being a one-on-one interview and the ensuing being one or more focus group sessions.


Western Cape, 

South Africa

Women with acquired physical


Campbell Review Project Brief Photo.jpg

Campbell Reviews of Interventions for People with Disabilities

This project includes a series of four Campbell Systematic Reviews, being led by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, which examine the evidence regarding which interventions work to improve livelihoods, education, social inclusion and empowerment outcomes among people with disabilities in LMIC.



N4C Project Brief Photo.png

Nyamkela4Care (N4C)

Nyamekela4Care (N4C) is a multi-component intervention aimed at addressing the training, empathic skills, clinical supervision and self- care needs impacting the quality of care among care workers such as community health workers and nurses. The N4C curriculum was developed by UCT’s Perinatal Mental Health Project, who were partners throughout this evaluation.

The project involved 40 care workers and consisted of three assessment sessions occurring at baseline, 6 months, and 12 months.

Bishop Lavis & Mamre, Western Cape,

South Africa

Health care workers

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