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Protecting our young and shaping futures

ILCHR's work on child and adolescent wellbeing is featured in the latest edition of Stellenbosch University (SU)'s multi-award winning publication Research at Stellenbosch University.

Produced annually by SU's Division for Research Development (DRD), this flagship publication offers a comprehensive overview of innovative and interesting research being done at Stellenbosch University. ILCHR’s work is featured in two sections of the publication, showcasing how ILCHR works to help young children thrive, and support mental health among adolescents.

Protecting Our Young

The inspiring community and research work that the Institute for Life Course Health Research (ILCHR) does resonates with the vision of SU’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences to enhance health and health equity with and for the communities it serves.

The institute, based in the Department of Global Health and led by Prof Mark Tomlinson and Prof Sarah Skeen, conducts research that aims to consider the potential long-term health impacts of early events in a person’s life.

Read the article on ILCHR's work to make children thrive despite the odds here: Protecting Our Young

Mental Health is a Human Right

Adolescence is a key phase of development that holds far-reaching consequences for human capital development into adulthood. However, many adolescents are growing up in unstable environments where they are exposed to poverty, abuse and a lack of support systems.

Despite adolescents’ increased risk of poor mental health outcomes, there is limited evidence of what constitutes the best methods of promoting positive mental health and preventing disorders in this segment of the population. The Institute for Life Course Health Research (ILCHR) in SU’s Department of Global Health is addressing this research gap by generating evidence on the state of adolescent mental health and identifying effective interventions to support adolescent well-being.

Read how ILCHR is supporting mental health among adolescents in this article: Mental Health is a Human Right


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